Wirlab - Network Research Center

Wirlab, located in Seinäjoki, is a research center that does research in future networking real-life application environments. Aside from network research, Wirlab supports other research, education and enterprise activities in the networking business.

Wirlab serves as a testbed for new technologies, both hardware and software related. Its testbeds are practical application environments in enterprises and non-profit organisations. Wirlab offers these testbeds to be used in other research done by different research centers and enterprises.

Wirlab has funding from the Finnish Technology Agency (Tekes/ERDF), Cygate Networks Ltd, Alajärven Puhelinosuuskunta, VLP Ltd, Employment and Economic Development Centre for South Ostrobothnia and the city of Seinäjoki.


Wirlab is located in Seinäjoki.

Wirlab in action
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